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Good Hands

Attracting Good Tenants

Very careful consideration is used when marketing and placing the tenant for your property. We use a wide variety of sources to expose your property to the most people looking to rent a home. Some sources used are: the Internet, signs, real estate agents in the area, direct mailings, etc. All move-ins are done with the tenant so any questions are addressed at that point in time.


Most of our owners prefer us to handle any repairs and any routine work required on the property. We are pleased to do this for you. We have many qualified independent people that we use to handle the job needed.  Because we use these services in volume, we are often able to negotiate a discounted rate.

At Express Realty, Your calls are always welcome!

At Express Realty, we always enjoy hearing from you…really! Owner calls are given top priority and our staff is trained to listen carefully to inquiries or requests made by an owner. Tenants are also treated with respect and courtesy at all times.

Many more services are provided to you and would be cumbersome to print out. Why not call our office today at 405-844-6101 and we will share with you all of the excellent benefits we have to offer.

Why are we Better?

We have a desire to give you the BEST service possible.

  • Over 50 years combined of service to buyers, sellers and investors
  • Member Chamber of Commerce
  • Metro Board of Realtors
  • Also provide Residential Property Management

At Express Realty we know that everyone has different expectations when it comes to buying or selling a home. Our job is to make sure we meet YOUR expectations. Be sure to take advantage of Express Realty’s inclusive marketing program. We take care of the details for you by providing:

  • Multiple Listing Services
  • Complete Marketing Analysis
  • Select Advertising
  • Free Flyers of Your Home
  • Open House
  • Complete Assistance Throughout Closing

If you have any questions about our services or the Oklahoma City Metro area, email us at: expressrealtyok@att.net. We would love to hear from you.

How we charge for Property Management

  • 10% monthly management fee makes us affordable!
  • A leasing fee (1/2 of the first full month’s rent)
  • Owner Online Account Access (Real-time View Access)
  • Check out the rest of our web site pages for available rentals
  • Email us for information on managing your property