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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I heard that the cost of management is a tax write-off.  Is this true?
A. Yes, your property management fees can be written off as an expense on your  taxes. This effectively lowers the actual amount you are paying. (Please verify this information with your accountant, however, since we are not accounting experts)

Q. Who do my tenants call when there is an emergency?
A. Tenants will be instructed to contact Express Realty for any reasons that they would normally call a landlord.

Q. Do you do inspections once the tenant moves into the property?
A. We do annual interior inspections and more often when warranted. In addition, we do regular drive-by exterior inspections.

Q. What if the tenants  don’t water and take care of the yard?
A. Our contracts state that if the tenant does not take care of the yard maintenance in a satisfactory manner, than a gardener will be hired at the expense of the tenant unless, of course, a gardener has been provided for in the lease.

Q. Can I do my own repairs?
A. Most owners prefer that Express Realty handle all repairs. Because we work with several vendors on a regular basis, we are able to negotiate the best possible price in most situations. In addition, the quality of the work better assured.

Q. How do you choose a good tenant?
A. We use many tools available to us to help us choose the best tenant for your property. Some of the tools we use are credit checks, current and past rental history and employment verification.

Q. Why do you feel that you could do the best job managing our rental properties?
A. With many years experience in the industry, our staff is uniquely qualified to   attract and qualify tenants, identify “little problems: before they become big problems and handle them in an effective and efficient manner. We believe that a good relationship with the tenant is vital and will benefit you, the owner, in many ways.